Motorblade Postering Service

Motorblade Postering Printing

Since 1989, speedily hanging culture in the form of gig flyers, public service posters, and theatre handbills, magazines and all things paper along a legal route (over 200 locations) all across town. Quite the boon to bands, bards, and businesses. Save gas, save time and have your outdated flyers recycled by motorblade so you don’t have to!      

Motorblade Postering


  • Please contact Motorblade at least three days prior to drop-off.
  • For best results promotions should start at a minimum two weeks prior to the event date, please plan accordingly.
  • Distribution will begin the first Wednesday after drop-off.
  • 20 locations per day in the first week, in the second week, previous weeks’ locations are updated if needed, and approximately 14 new locations per day added.



Where does Motorblade post flyers?

Motorblade has a policy to not disclose their location list. However, you may ask about a specific location to find out whether it is included on our list. All of the locations are legal and approved by owners.

In general the route extends to Southpark Meadows Amy’s(south), South Oat Willies(south east), Canopy Arts (east), Planet K@ Rundberg (northeast), Rudy’s BBQ in Round Rock (north), Lakeway Amy’s (west) and Juiceland Pecan Springs (northwest). The list includes cafes, coffee shops, clothes and specialty shops, record and music stores and the University areas as well as some hotels/motels, lube/car shops, salons and student locations and the Austin Visitors Center.